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St Ives tide timetable

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As I was going to St Ives

As I was going to St Ives
I met a man with seven wives
Every wife had seven sacks
Every sack had seven cats
Every cat had seven kits
Kits, cats, sacks, wives
How many were going to St Ives?

This traditional riddle / nursery rhyme dates back to the 18th century with the earliest publication being 1730. Whilst it is possible the rhyme refers to the other St Ives in Cambridgshire the general belief is that it refers to our St Ives in Cornwall.

As for the answer, that is a matter of interpretation as the rhyme is a tad ambiguous. It depends if the man (and company) where going in the same direction as the writer or not.
Assuming they weren’t – as I feel is the intention then the answer is 1, i.e. the writer.
If they were then it gets a little more complicated.  Whilst there are various interpretations the most straightforward is 2802 (1 writer, 1 man, 7 wives,  49 sacks, 343 cats and 2401 kittens)

St Ives Surf Report

Porthmeor Surf

5 day surf forecast for St Ives (Porthmeor beach)

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*All wave sizes are given in face height

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Towednack Church

The village of Towednack is around 2 miles to the east and inland of St Ives. Bordered by the West Cornwall moors the village is very much on the edge of civilisation! It is probably best known for the parish church which is dedicated to St Trewnnocus. Set a little way from the village the church has a particularly squat tower. The story goes that when the church was being built, every night the Devil would visit and knock down the day’s work. Obviously the builders had enough of this so gave up and went home.

Sennen Beach

Sennen Cove Beach

The small village of Sennen Cove is located around 12 miles west of St Ives and is just short of Land’s End. The village’s main attraction is its beach, a mile long stretch of pristine sand facing into the full might of the Atlantic Ocean. As you can imagine, Sennen beach is a popular spot with surfers all year round. Generally speaking the waves get bigger the further down the beach you head, so there is something for all levels. If you fancy surfing and don’t have a board (or a clue!) there are boards for hire and lessons available.

In the Summer the beach can get busy but there is plenty of parking so this generally doesn’t cause a problem. It is a great family beach with plenty of facilities and the experienced lifeguard team are very much on the ball, and well equipped making it pretty safe. It’s only a 3 minute walk into the village from the beach if you need a shop. There is also ‘The Beach’ restaurant which, as you may imagine, is right by the beach – the food here is good but pricey.

Carbis Bay Beach

Carbis Bay Beach

Located less than a mile out of St Ives is Carbis Bay. It is a wide sandy beach with good facilities making it particularly popular with families. It is also fairly sheltered both from the wind and the waves owing to its position in the lee of large, tree covered cliffs.

In times gone by the beach was known by various names including Barripper, Porthrepta and Carrack Garden Cove. Back in those days the beach was mainly used by fishermen to launch their boats. Despite its sheltered aspect there have been several shipwrecks at Carbis Bay, 3 of them in one night in 1893. At low tide it is possible to see the remains of the Cintra in the centre of the beach.

On rare occasions it is possible to surf at Carbis bay but this requires an enormous northerly swell. When there is surf it is particularly popular with body boarders with powerful, wedgey waves occurring close to high tide.

Carbis Bay is also convenient to get to. Being outside of St Ives you can avoid the worst of the Summer traffic and in addition it also has its own station on the St Ives train line.